"Emergencies in ophthalmology" lecture

  • 16 Febrary 2020

On Tuesday 11/02/2020 I gave a lecture at the Hotel SB Ciutat de Tarragona for the opticians and optometrists in the city. The title: "Emergencies in ophthalmology".

Optical centers have a great presence in any city and a great availability of schedules. Many people approach their "trusted opticians" if they have a doubt, discomfort, or loss of vision, rather than at the consultation of an ophthalmologist or their family doctor. The smallest of the optical centers is equipped with tools to perform a good eye scan. The aim of the talk was to give them tools to suspect the ophthalmological urgency and know how to identify the "rush" it should be assessed. Thus, to be able to orient the patient towards his family doctor, his ophthalmologist, or even hospital emergencies in specific cases.
I gave a talk with the same title 9 years ago. I remember that moment with love as it was the first time I was offered a talk, since I started my professional career in Tarragona. Although it was supposed to be casual, I remember being nervous for the responsibility of transferring the vision of the ophthalmological urgency to a nearby professional group, but with many faces that I still did not know.
This time it was different. Although there were new faces, among them there were already well-known people: opticians who had counted on me for taking care of a patient, others with a friend or acquaintance I had treated; or vice versa, some to whom I had referred patients for Visual Therapy, contact lens adaptation or Low Vision aids. I am glad to say that among all of them, I could already see some friends.
So, the nerves were to be able to update the talk I gave with the experience of these last 9 years. I want to thank the record attendance and the words of satisfaction that some people gave me at the end of the talk. 
Thank you very much to all! I hope to see you at the next session. On May 30th, we will give, with the support of Dr. Garriga, a training course on "ophthalmology referral protocols", not just emergencies.
Thank you very much again.


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